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Lisa Rinna FitnessLisa Rinna on Staying Fit

Lisa Rinna was recently interviewed by Lifetime Television journalist Rachel Cohen.

Lisa Rinna works in television, is raising 2 young girls and still manages to stay in fabulous shape.

This is no small accomplishment. The 40-year-old actress seems to do it all with ease. Rachel asked Rinna if she'd share her diet and workout wisdom. She talked on the subjects of strip aerobics, her remedy for postpartum depression and which of Madonna's body parts makes her a little jealous.

Rachel: Which do you prefer: Yoga or Pilates?

Lisa Rinna: Yoga. I love what it does to my head and body and how good I feel afterward. I've been practicing yoga for eight years now. My favorite poses are Downward Dog and Upward Facing Dog. Both really stretch out the whole body.

Here at Beauty-Of-Health.com we favour the stretching associated with Yoga but recommend that our readers avoid the meditation that attempts to reach trance states. This can lead to dangerous and unwanted problems.

Rachel: What's your fitness routine?

Lisa Rinna: I exercise at least 4 days a week. I try to mix it up: I do yoga. I run or do Spinning. I also do cardio bar, cardio combined with ballet and weight lifting. Doing those dancer pliés really tones your legs.

Rachel: You've also tried the S Factor, a workout based on exotic dancing. What's the deal with that?

Lisa Rinna: I love incorporating dance into my workouts. It's really demanding exercise, especially climbing the pole it's not just playing around. Those strippers who use poles are really strong. They're like gymnasts!

Rachel: How did exercise help with your postpartum depression?

Lisa Rinna: It saved me. It really got my endorphins pumping. I exercised more with my second child because I knew the postpartum was coming, and the exercise really helped pull me through it. My trainer, Debbie Rocker, got me walking just two weeks after I had the baby. She had me using the Walk Vest. You put weights inside it and wear it while walking. It helped burn more calories and firm up my muscle tone.

Rachel: What's your personal motto when it comes to staying in shape?

Lisa Rinna: It's just like brushing my teeth. It's a part of my life, of healthy living and feeling good.

Rachel: If you and your husband, Harry Hamlin were on Lifetime's show "Merge," what would your joint workout room look like?

Lisa Rinna: It would be a really bright with lots of natural light. It would be just like Gunnar Peterson's gym. He trains everyone, like J. Lo and Ben. His gym is in his guest house, and it's the coolest one I've ever seen. It's got every piece of equipment imaginable!

Rachel: Does your family exercise together?

Lisa Rinna: Harry and I do yoga together, and sometimes we play tennis. The kids are too young for sports, but we've all gone swimming together.

Rachel: What actresses do you envy for their physique?

Lisa Rinna: Cameron Diaz. Also, Demi Moore looks pretty darn good for 40! Oh, and Madonna. She's got the best arms! Those three are in such good shape, so strong and muscular they're real inspirations.

Rachel: Do you still shy away from carbs?

Lisa Rinna: I try, but it's not easy. Sometimes my body just needs carbs, and if that's the case I don't deprive myself. I don't follow any diet by heart, but I do eat Zone meals for dinner. I also do food combining, so I try not to mix my carbohydrates and my proteins. But that's just a blueprint, and I'm not perfect. It drives me nuts when actresses say they only eat chicken, fish, veggies and fruit. I eat everything. I'm just always careful about how much I put into my body.

Rachel: When you're being bad, what's your snack food of choice?

Lisa Rinna: I love Balance Bars or an apple with some soy butter when I want a healthful snack, but when I'm being bad, I'm a big potato chip person. I like to mix up some barbecue chips, some sea salt and vinegar chips, some black bean chips and the Kettle honey mustard kind. You'd think I was pregnant with that combination, but I'm not, I swear. I just love chips!


Lifetime TV,  by Rachel Cohen


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